First cousins growing up together in Central Kansas, Jeff and Chris have been hunting and fishing together since they were old enough to walk. Wandering the creek on Chris’s family farm they were always building and exploring and that still runs true too today. Years later while Bow Hunting, Chris started thinking about a solution to the on going problem of getting to his Bow quickly and easily without getting busted by whatever was coming his way.
Recruiting a local entrepreneur to help Chris set out to solve the problem. Needing the help to get the product to market, Chris asked Jeff to partner with him and Jeff agreed. Creating “2 Lott’s LLC” and with a few more years of endless challenges the product is finally ready to introduce to the Archery and Bow Hunting community.
Please feel free to contact us with your feedback, comments, or suggestions your experiences with our Universal Bow Holder. Spoiler alert, be on the look out for the introduction of our next new product coming soon for the bow hunter community.